Welcome to my creative-writing blog, where I share short stories and poems. When it’s all said and done, I’ll probably become a disillusioned barkeeper somewhere near the Mediterranean Sea. But until then, I hope I may write a true thing or two about our absurd human existence on a piece of rock drifting through space. Currently, I’m in the process of finding a publisher for my first novel Into the Void, which gave this blog its name.

What is the novel Into the Void about?

‘Into the Void is the tale of an uprooted banker-slash-amateur-boxer. During a simmering summer, he quits his job in finance and starts a labyrinthine journey through Europe. He visits old friends and meets other restless souls, and gets into tipsy discussions, drunk parties, and drug-fuelled fights. He questions everything from his purpose, to his morality, to the realness of existence. Along the way, he falls in love with Alice, who adds fuel to the fire of his conflicting desires and rushes him towards the horizon. Can she allow him to get close to her? Will he come to terms with his troubled past and reconcile with an uncertain future?
Into the Void is not only a journey through an unsettled Europe in two-thousand seventeen, but also into the psyche of an uncertain generation born at the purported end of history.’

A more cynical mind might describe this novel as ‘fucking, fighting, and drunk philosophising by superficial Millennials.’ But then again, what good has ever come of cynicism?

I hope you enjoy some of the words that I have strung together.