INTO THE VOID is now available as eBook and Paperback!

Get your copy from your nearest Amazon marketplace:

Paperback: Germany, UK, US, France, Italy, Spain, Japan

eBook: Germany, UK, US, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, India, Brazil, Mexico

A feverish trip through Europe and beyond

An uprooted young man quits his job in finance and embarks on a quest for meaning — or distraction, at least. For a simmering summer, he travels from country to country, meeting old friends and other restless souls. In a haze of sleepless nights and drug-fuelled fights, they argue over politics, morality, the nature of reality — and quirky dating strategies. Along the way, he falls in love with Alice, who adds fuel to the fire of his conflicting desires. Both are hiding a troubled past that could sabotage their future happiness…

Into the Void is not only an odyssey through an unsettled Europe in 2017, but also into the psyche of a generation born at the purported end of history.

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