Worth It All

You shiver in the cold of night.
Your dark eyes burn – a restless flame.
Your face, glinting in neon light,
evokes feelings I’m afraid to name.

Like stars, trapped on collision course –
our fates are linked, forevermore.
This pain of mine, that unrest of yours
will drive us on – away from shore.

Our choices and mistakes are made,
for the rest of returning eternity.
Forever, we will be too late –
and lost, in postmodernity.

I’ll never be a better man –
burnt out before we ever met.
Find yourself, while you still can,
and rage, until your last sunset.

Forever caught in eternal return;
cursed to repeat the sin of sins –
one lesson I will never learn:
how not to drown in youthful springs.

Next time around will be the same.
Next time around, you’ll make me crawl.
But these nights of sparkling eyes aflame
were worth it all.
Are worth it all.
Will be, forever, worth it all.


(Munich, September 2018)

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