To Hell With Hatred

If this is pain,
then it pales
in the light of your tenderness.

If this is hatred,
then to hell with it,
and show me a glimpse of your love.

If this is apathy,
then awaken me,
and make me feel compassion.

If this is vanity,
then vanquish me,
and let me resurge with humbleness.

If this is prejudice,
then don’t reminisce,
and give me the strange and the new.

If this is voracity,
then wrest it from me,
and allow me some generousness.

If this is vileness,
then mark it villainous,
and grant me an instant of virtue.

If this is despair,
then kill it with care,
and erect palaces on new-found hope.


(Munich, July 2018)

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