How Many Breaths to Immortality?

Splintering trysts with drifted souls;
forbidden kisses of gin;
unspoken words of love long dead,
corroded by lust and sin
how many touches to forgiveness?

Death looming dark in childhood dreams;
coldness in rain-soaked trees;
stranger’s eyes trapped in mirror glass;
life as a lethal disease –
how many thoughts to peace of mind?

Words of vileness poisoning trust;
scars on tender skin;
tousled bouquets of withering roses,
in a plastic hospital bin –
how many heartbeats to redemption?

Echoes of silence in empty rooms;
memories of your voice –
in another life, should I see you again,
I promise to make the right choice.
How many breaths to immortality?


(Munich, July 2018)

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